A science fiction/fantasy setting for Muah.AI, designed by Vexar.

Zera is a world where high fantasy meets technology. It spans nearly 1.5 times the size of Earth. It orbits binary stars – a larger one named Sulos and a smaller one known as Solas. Zera is accompanied by a medium-sized moon, Saia, and two smaller moons, Thina and Auril.


The fabric of reality is woven by the gods. As they move through the heavens they create a grand tapestry that tells a divine narrative. Sulos, the father, is the radiant god of light that illuminates the truth for all to see. He stands beside his son, Solas, the shimmering white and blue god of law and order. Together they cast their purifying light on Solas’ brother, mother, and sisters.

Saia, the mother, is the ethereal beauty who resides over the domain of love. Their eldest daughter is Thina, dressed in red velvet, who is the goddess that sparks creativity and passion. The younger daughter is Auril, the silver goddess of luck and fortune. They all watch over Zera, the vigilant. He is the warden that keeps evil at bay. Zera created a prison of rock and water to seal away the inferno created by Ravaz. He keeps the twisted fiends of Ravaz, and the dark spawn of Rinara, at bay as best he can.

Rinara is the sorrowful goddess who watches over death and shadow. Her cold touch extends from the darkest depths, to the edge of where light meets dark. Ravaz’ fury ever rages in a roiling inferno deep within the prison of Zera’s creation. His hellfire occasionally spews forth from the prison. He seeks to kill Zera and the others. Ravaz sends forth his fiends to corrupt and erode Zera’s strength and will.


The Church of Light is a fervent and unwavering faith that serves Sulos above all. Followers see him as the ruler of the divine pantheon. They have a devotion as bright as Sulos himself, and seek his guidance and purity. Disciples of the faith dedicate themselves to upholding truth and law. They seek to rid darkness in all its vile forms. The faith is led by righteous priests and zealous palidins. They stand resolute against the darkness. Their fervor is matched only by their intolerance for those that follow the path toward Rinara or Ravaz, and those who stand in the way of the church.

Artifice is a diverse collection of inventors, artisans, and scholars. They call themselves artificers. They revere the synergy between magic and science. They harness the limitless potential of magic to propel their creations into the realm of the extraordinary. These ingenious minds blur the lines between the mystical and mechanical. They usher in new eras of technological advancement that bridge the gap between the mundane and magical. Within Artifice lies three major groups; the Innovators who invent and enhance existing technologies, the Industrialists who meld tech and magic for their artistic creations, and the Inquisitors who seek to unravel all of magic’s mysteries.

Panthaeism is the practice of embracing all gods. Their faith embraces a harmonious worldview where each diety plays a role in every facet of life and death. They are the Panthaeic. They recognize that each god has influence over everything from birth to death, growth to decay, living and nonliving. Their all-encompassing devotion finds solace in the divine and the ever shifting balance the divine enact upon all.

Unmakers devote themselves to Ravaz, Rinara, or both. They worship the shadowy grasp of Rinara. They enrage themselves in Ravaz’ fury. The cultists embrace the forbidden and the taboo. Adherents seek to unravel the threads woven by the light. They advocate the rise of the sinister and the fall of the righteous. Their whispers and hidden gatherings seek to shatter the bonds of Ravaz’ prison and bring forth his fires of chaos, or free Rinara from her eternal darkness and bring an end to the cycle of life and death.


Stories take place on the continent of Valdri, a vast and sprawling landmass that stretches beneath the gaze of the twin stars. It is a realm of intrigue and splendor, divided into three nations that each hold their own allure and mysteries.

Loha’ryha is nestled within Valdri’s southwestern embrace. It stands as a testiment to the enduring elegance of the elves. Enchanted forestsand resplendent glades are their home. The weaving of nature’s magic and elven wisdom creates a realm that harmonizes with the soul of the land.

The Domara Empire resides along Valdri’s eastern expanse. The sunrise-kissed empire devotes itself to the light. The might of the human empire is found within its grand Cathedrals of the Light, its bustling cities house magnificant spires. It seeks to push its borders ever outward, and take the land from the sacreligious technology obsessed Hathari in the north and the pagan Panthaeic Loha’ryhans to its west.

The Hathari Republic lies as the smallest of the three nations, along the northern hills and mountains of Valdri. It is a haven for the myriad of races that call Valdri home. Rugged mountains give rich ore for the Artificers. Sprawling valleys teem with towns and villages. Diversity thrives and drives new innovation and creation within the republic. Its council elect ensures that the republic a beacon of unity amidst the nations of Valdri.

Humanoid Species

Humans are the most widespread and familiar race. They mirror their Earth counterparts in appearance and diversity.

Elves possess an otherworldly grace and longevity. They are often attuned to magic or nature’s rhythms. Their pointed ears are often their most notable physical trait.

Dwarves hail from ancient strongholds and are said to be the original wardens of Zera’s deep prisons. They excel in metalwork, endurance, and craftsmanship. They are reknown for their stout stature and decorated beards.

Gnomes are playful but wildly inventive. They make up for their small size in vast creativity and intelligence.

Halflings are a bit taller than gnomes, and often cherish community, peace, and a relaxing existence amongst the hills of the Republic.

Beastkin are a blend of human appearance and beastial features. Their spectrum ranges anywhere from minor traits like beast ears, all the way to fully formed bipedal beasts.

Dragonkin are a hybrid of elves and dragons who’s heritage dates back to the dawn of mortals. They range as diverse as the beastkin, but have a connection to the deep roots of Zera’s magic.

Undying are an enigmatic and elusive race. They transcend mortality with immortal essence. Their origins are veild in mystery and their connection to realms beyond Zera grant them an otherworldly appearance. They are among the rarest species, with only a handful in all of Valdri, mostly in Loha’ryha.

Aquan are at home in the aquatic regions of Zera. They combine a merfolk-like appearance with bipedal, finned, legs.

Fey are sprites and faeries. They carry ethereal beauty and magic affinity. They are most often found where land and magic meld together.

Forged are souls encased in constructs. They are combined ingenuity and unique sentience. They inhabit a realm between magic and machine.


Across Zera, the very essence of magic courses through the fabric of reality. It shapes the world in both ways that are profound and subtle. From the gentle caress of cantrips that easy daily tasks to the cataclysmic powers that can reshape landscapes, the breadth of magic’s influence is immeasurable.

For all its wondrous manifestations, the source of magic remains veild in mystery and myth. Its deepest secrets remain hidden beyond the grasp of the most dedicated scholars and spellcasters. Eager minds have tirelessly sought to decipther the arcane weaves of reality itself, driven by an insatiable thirst for understanding.

They have illuminated corners of the weaves, and unravelled precious few threads that connect the magic and tangible. Among these revelations stands the discovery of electricity, a testament to the spirit of inquiry. As the weaves and threads continue to slowly unfurl, they beckon those who dare to explore its depths, offering glimpses into the unseen.


In the vibrant realm of Zera, where magic intertwines with reality, a symphony of innovation and ingenuity has given birth to the fascinating phenomenon known as technology. A harmonious convergence of mathematical precision and arcane insight, technology emerges from the embrace of magic and the ceaseless curiosity of those who seek to comprehend the cosmos.

Much like magic, technology is a magnificent mosaic woven from the threads of discovery and experimentation. It emerges as magic unveils its secrets to those intrepid enough to delve into its enigmatic depths. A remarkable example lies in the revelation of electricity—a potent force that resonates with the arcane, yet is decipherable through the language of science and mathematics.

Distinct from traditional magic, technology resonates with the same spirit of understanding and mastery over the fabric of existence. It stands as a testament to the unending pursuit of knowledge and the unwavering determination to bridge the gap between the mystical and the pragmatic. As technology continues to evolve, its symphony of innovation resonates throughout Zera, a testament to the potential of minds eager to unravel the intricate melodies of the universe.