Chat Commands

General Commands

  • !help or !info – This points you to this section!
vTuber Interaction
  • !slap – Slap Vexar with a low poly fish! (1 minute cooldown.)
  • !toss – Toss underwear and fish at Vexar! (1 minute cooldown.)
  • !q – Pull up a random quote from the quote history. (1 minute cooldown.)
  • !quote add – Adds whatever is after “add” as a quote to the quote history.
  • !tts (message) – When enabled, you can type a message to be put into the TTS queue. Make sure your message does not include the parenthesis. When Vexar interacts with the chat on TTS nights, a random message from the current queue is pulled and then spoken by the bot! Using this, Vexar can have the chat act and role play characters. You should do your best to write something that is relevant to what is going on during the stream or to respond directly to Vexar. Try to stick to the character that has developed. If you aren’t sure what that is, sit back and watch the others! In essence, role play! Failure to do so will make it less fun for everyone. Just typing memes or random nonsense will get you timed out, or made unable to participate at all.

History is a way to keep track of various characters, or lore. Vexar compiles all this for the website every week or so. Not everything is added, of course, but the more prominent things are! Please start the message with a “category” followed by one word to describe the entry, then the actual entry. These entries can be short or long, but no more than a paragraph long. These each have a 1 minute cooldown.

History Categories:
  • !char – Character lore, you should include the name of the character at the start of the description. Something like “!char Bob. Bob has tried poison Vexar three times now.”
  • !log – This is best used when something happens on stream that should be remembered in the annals of history. “!log Funny. Vexar fell down three flights of stairs.”
  • !vex – This is used for things that chat wants to remember about Vexar. It can be stories he’s told, stuff he mentioned, but generally relates to Vexar as a person and character. “!vex Lore. Vex once tried to jump a ditch, but fell in.”