Adventurer Cafe

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What is Adventurer Cafe?

It is a game set in the VЯ multiverse, being developed by Vexar in Unity.

What is Adventurer Cafe about?

It is a combination of things. First, at its core, it is a cafe and inn management sim. Secondly, it is a dating sim. It is set in a fantasy world within the VЯ multiverse. For reasons I do not want to spoil, the player is attempting to run a hybrid cafe/inn. With a handful of yir (currency), and a single employee; it is up to the player to succeed at running the business and growing it into a bustling cafe and inn. There is a catch, this is no ordinary cafe or inn. It targets adventurers who are on their way to and from their various quests. During the day, the player handles; employees, restocking, and customer requests. At night, things change. Certain “services” are offered at this inn. That’s right, overnight, it becomes more of a brothel than an inn! The player manages; assigning employees to clients, client requests, and employee abilities.

Employees will have their own stats that can be changed with levelling up, gear, buffs granted from affection towards the player, and temporary buffs granted by consumables. They have their own stamina and willpower, and will need rest; or the player risks them quitting and leaving forever. The business has two levels of fame, one for the cafe and one for the inn. Raising these will increase foot traffic. The inn is expandable and can have more rooms added over time. The cafe is expandable, and able to handle more customers at a time. As the business grows, the maximum number of employees will increase as well.

The player will be able to hire employees from a wide range of species, and of varied genders. All characters, from employees to shop NPCs, (aside from a few cameos) will be able to have a relationship with the player!

More details about the various systems will come soon.

Why make Adventurer Cafe?

I’ve played my fair share of Visual Novels, Dating Sims, and Business Sim games. I’ve seen a few that mixed these genres together, but never in a satisfactory way. After a recent playthrough of one of these games, I was left very unhappy. The promise of it was there, but it just fell flat. I got to thinking, I can do this myself! So, in reality, I’m making the game that I want to play most. I set to prototyping and trying to build an engine. It first started in RPG Maker MZ with Hud Maker Ultra Pro and Visustella. I was almost able to do it, but the limits of RPG Maker just became too much of an obstacle. So, I tried RenPy; and was very unhappy with trying to build this game in it. Then I moved to Game Maker Studio 2, I was able to do a lot; but still felt very limited. In the end, I moved to Unity, and after dipping into scripting there; I found myself unhappy with what I was making. I’ve since gone BACK to RPG Maker MZ and have been developing it there! I’m very happy with everything that I can do in it. I am only limited by my lack of knowledge; which is remedied through walkthroughs, and tutorials. I’m very excited with how things are turning out now; and cannot wait to get a demo up and running!

What is the current progress of Adventurer Cafe?

The visual novel engine is totally done and working. Right now I’m working on generating the random stats of employees that the player can hire on for the demo. The hiring process is handled via resumes that are sent in when people want to work there. The player will be able to browse these and select one from the batch, each time they go to hire an employee. The stats are being implemented for the player as well. Once I am satisfied with all of the stats, I will share exactly how they work and are determined. I want to have complete transparency (limited by not spoiling certain things) through the development process.

How can I support Adventurer Cafe?

Everything is being supported through our Patreon page!